Day 1: Wannabe

What a turbulent day to start dragging my sorry backside out of depression. The media have called all day. There have been knocks at doors. I’ve seen comments on social media of people saying they’re “glad to see the back of me because I’m a wannabe” and worse than that, I’ve seen some of my oldest friends “like” these comments. It’s a good laugh eh? A woman being bullied out of a job she used to help others… totes funny…. Anyway I’ve had to look for the sunshine. I’ve been inundated with texts, calls, messages and love from everyone who really know me. The ones who know the only thing I really “wannabe” is 21 again. Thanks to Botox that’s nearly true (jokes). Anyway washing machine tummy has been on spin cycle all day BUT ive still managed to eat 16 mini eggs so at least I’m eating…. tomorrow is a big challenge, I’ll be walking into the Scottish Parliament because as a mama you have to go to work…. me and my wannabe backside will be there, so if you see me give me a hug! If you also battled depression and anxiety today – go you. One day down!

ps my friend Rhi is starting a blog so no one actually has to be too bored….