Day 10: Man’s World

The other day we celebrated international women’s day and I’m absolutely surrounded by then, but equally so I’m surrounded by some of the most amazing men too!

There are loads of good guys who have a positive impact on my life and who are the biggest feminists I know. Many are branch members who keep me sane and grounded. Who have taught me about everything from counting ballots to the yes movement through the years. Who have campaigned with and for me.

Skye and Charlie’s dad, my ex-husband mark, who gave me the world. My best friends husband Paul who lets me live in his house once a year and who is just amazing. My friend Peter who is completely loyal and honest even when I don’t want to hear it. My brother in law and nephews who are so funny and have my heart. My Harry who is like a dad and luckily my actual dad Jimbo who has spoiled me for life. My brother Stephen who brings tea from his house up To my bed! True. This is why I’m single.

My Parliament guys Jordan and Joe who have held my hand through very tough work days. My Conor, he is my best male friend in the world. Our friendship is absolutely weird and totally solid. There are so many more but well I’m guess you’re already bored, I have to give a special mention to my ever patient boss James. James took me on when everything was against me. He’s steadfast through gossip, defended me against horrific misogyny and most of all has been ultra supportive during what has been one of the worst times of my life.

While women need equality, it’s worth noting that so many amazing men walk along side us while we fight


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