Day 13: Courage Under Fire

Today wee Skye had a physio appointment in our house. The physio Lyndsey is amazing and she also treats my fab nephew Carlo. Thank heavens for or NHS. She told wee Skye that her hamstrings are doing well but sadly there has been a big deterioration in her Achilles and it’s now time for her to sleep with splints every night; and wear a splint on her left foot daily.

Further to that she will now need a wheel chair for long days and in the future she will spend weeks at a time in a cast from the waist down to give her legs a full stretch. Skye just laughed and said “oh man we are gonna be like the clampits with three of us in a wheel chair in Italy”.

Then she went off to make us some pasta for dinner as she is learning to cook. She is such an amazing, positive, happy spirit. I felt crushed for her and yet she wasn’t crushed for herself. My job is to do what makes her happy and carry on as normal. To all the parents of kids who have disabilities, tonight you have my heart



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