Day 15: POP

One of the things about fibromyalgia is that your ligaments and joints aren’t as strong as everyone else’s. I lifted Skye the other day and my shoulder was a bit sore.

Yesterday I moaned and moaned to James about the pain in my shoulder and eventually he dispatches me to Edinburgh royal where a kindly nurse, then doctor tells me my shoulder has come out of the joint and gone back in, but just not properly. The doctor asks where I work and when I say Parliament he looks a bit funny, then he looks at my notes and says “Wishaw? I follow politics you’re not that Councillor who takes he selfies are you?”.

I decide a I want to die a little inside. Red neck. So they give me some nice injection and then put my shoulder back to where it belongs. The doctor looks at me and says “im guessing you won’t be taking a selfie of this”. Wrong!!!! If I’m getting a nice blue sling then I’m gonna show the world!

The up side of the mortification is that i went to the hospital all by myself and I wasn’t even nervous (much) I feel like a corner has been turned…. now remember troops, even when in pain, always be your best selfie πŸ˜‰

ps: I have a lot on my plate etc etc but for some reason I actually decided to tell everyone in Holyrood about my injury like it was a badge of honour (such a child) so if you’ve heard the story eleventy million times then – sorry!



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