Day 2: Fear Factor

I woke up this morning all guns blazing ready to get to Parliament until I saw a few texts with photos of the papers. Frozen with fear and I mean FROZEN.

I’ve not looked at them or the comments, because I suppose no one actually knows me. However, I didn’t make it to work. My head was so sore I thought it would fall off. The world felt bleak. I went back to sleep…. Then the phone rang “skye has been out tumbling around mucky hills and needs to come home to change and have lunch”.

So life goes on even if we wish it would stop for a while. I gets up and in she comes happy, filthy and completely brilliant. James texts me to say some anonymous soul has left me the gift in the photo.

My mum rings a lot to make sure I’m ok. I have a takeaway and I’m about to get a spray tan. See, when I didn’t get to work I felt like a big fat failure, but that’s ok because we can try again tomr. That’s the thing about this de-depression, time is the one thing I have and life needs me to carry on regardless



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