Day 27: Mother’s Day

So on Mother’s Day It’s not always easy. Some people don’t have a mum and some don’t have kids. Memories and emotions are high, and maybe a wee bit sad. Some kids don’t have daddies that can take them card shopping or money for big bunches of flowers.

What they do have are big hearts which write wee notes which say “use this last £5 for anything, you give us everything. I’m sorry I can only give you this”. Yet by only giving me her last fiver Skye gave me the best present I’ve ever had.

Charlie also used all her pocket money to make sure I had my first ever card from my BIG daughter and lovely lush bombs. It reminded me once again that social media can make us feel so pressured to have the perfect mediafamilylife but what even is that? I’ve been doing my wee anxiety diary and I’ve learned through loads of DMs that we ALL have very unique and interesting lives.

Very few of the people on my Facebook have the perfect situation, including me; but what you should remember is sometimes what’s not perfect for others is perfect for you



One thought on “Day 27: Mother’s Day

  1. Rosa mo charaid, you will never be JustRosa! Mental health is still too much of a stigma for many people. Your wee blog has been inspirational.
    Don’t ever let any1 say you can’t do This, that or the next thing and be sure to pass this on to your girls. I’m 52 this year, I’ve had my times with depression, it leaves me cold and with no feelings at all. I get through, the best i can, my way!
    Take the time, as much as you can, to be there for Charlie and Skye, they grow up so quickly, they’ll be 28 before you know it. I miss my babies, I cry inside for the times lost with them. But we don’t look back or dwell to long on what has past, never let it define us.
    We are women, we are strong.
    Love to you all Rosa, Fi 💞


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