Day 29: The Last Hoorah

So today was an odd one. I had a scan (which was easier than I thought). New pink hair. A coffee with one of my best boy pals, which helps me put life into perspective. I also had my final full council meeting as Councillor Zambonini.

I thought I’d be emotional, upset, tears but I wasn’t; I had a sense of peace. I did more than I thought I ever would and I know in my heart I will serve again. I believe politics is my calling but my life is my children and now it’s time watch them.

I’m so lucky to have such a beautiful life and it’s not always easy but it’s mine. As I continue to take my tablets, make different choices and take a wee back seat in some areas; I can feel the depression slipping away.

I will never forget this period in my life and to be thankful for good mental health. I also want to thank every colleague, friend and my amazing family who have supported me in what was a baptism of fire in the political world, without their support, well who knows….

As for those glad to see the back of me; in the immortal words of Arnos “I’ll be back”


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