Day 3: Scheme Burds

I absolutely love where I live. It’s a scheme in Wishaw but for me it’s my haven. Home. Sadly one of my neighbours passed away very suddenly. She was a political enthusiast and while our opinions were very different, she had a real love for her community.

My neighbours and I were shocked and saddened. I didn’t make it to work and my good pal Rory suggested I take a walk because maybe it would help. I’ve not been out my house since Monday. My neighbour Stacey decided to come with me. She’s known me for seven years and as she says “she doesn’t take any of my pish” and that “she’ll drag me out cause I’m not alone”.

My brother is also a neighbour and my sis sue. They sent me several coffees today. As I came back from my walk I was reminded how utterly lucky I am and while a little not well, life is short and we must appreciate even the bad days. I got some fresh air and some rosey cheeks.

It’s a start. Have a lovely weekend


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