Day 6: Team Work

Things are slowly becoming better. The fog that follows me about seems less thick. Life just seems a little bit nicer.

On Saturday I spent the day with my teams, Karen, Skye and I had a lovely wee afternoon; then at night I went out with my friend Claire and the Karen. We met a whole load of people. We spoke to strangers. A nice English girl with her boyfriend who was an Iraqi immigrant, became our instant friends; I loved it because I was reminded of the melting pot that is Glasgow and how amazingly lovely people can be. We danced in the rain in royal exchange square.

We took selfies on Buchanan street. While my stomach still spins everyday, I am reminded that I am loved. By my friends who make me laugh, I am loved. Tonight at my local SNP branch meeting I was reminded again that I am loved.

My niece who was named after me had her birthday today and reminded me I am loved. Love is a gift which can heal the most broken of hearts and saddest of spirits.



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