Day 8: Girls World

In this photo are some of the most amazing, colorful and talented women in my life. In this photo there are friends, relatives, mothers, professionals, students, politicians, doctors, account execs, first ministers and I am extraordinarily lucky to call every single one my friend.

OK I might he pushing it a bit with Nicola but she did say I made her laugh with my “antics” – so yeah, she’s my pal. I don’t see these women all the time and there are some women who I just couldn’t fit in because it was the biggest collage I could find.

However, On international women’s day I wanted to honor the women who make me a better person. Who make me stronger. Who inspire me. Who drive me. Who amaze me. These women are everything I want to be and they make the world a better place. To all the women on my Facebook…. I salute you..

Equality for women doesn’t mean less for men, there is enough room for everyone to be equal….



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