Please SHARE if you can. So once again people asking why I do my job when I get such awful abuse from people such as a Mr Y and it results in hearings like today? Well look at this, this is a new Tory policy which will ask if a woman has been raped and abused if she has more than three kids, and applying for tax credits. This is an actual thing.

There are many women on my fab page who have been abused and for them to be asked to prove a baby is born out of sexual abuse or rape makes me feel physically sick. Many abused women cannot even think about the abuse they suffered in order to obtain counselling, never mind to re-live the horrors just to get a little extra tax credits.

Someone on twitter asked me this: Rosa without becoming hysterical how else do we prove that this child is born recklessly? My answer is this. It doesn’t matter why a child appears on earth or if a parent is unreliable; as one of the richest countries in the world it should be the job of the rich to find enough for our children. Another questions I was asked. What if parents are junkies or alkys? Very few of the parents I’ve EVER met, or my sister in her third sector work, have ended in such a mess through choice but more usually a catalogue of catastrophic life neglect. Even if a parent is an addict we still have to do what is best for a child. Imagine a third child was born to a woman through rape, the woman then becomes addicted because of the rape trauma….. Do we then punish them? No. Also this would affect women like me who are on an ordinary wage and have a “normal” life. If I am raped. I have to prove it.

And finally many many women are victims of abuse in relationships. Serious sexual assault and rape. They just don’t know it because it’s “in a relationship” so how would they defend the rights of that third child.

Any child could be the next First Minister, scientist which cures cancer, or the next Beyoncé. They can be ANYTHING. It is our job as a wealthy society to give them the best we can. If you have money in a bank account and change in your pocket they say you are in the worlds top percentages of wealth. Do we really have to force women to prove they have been raped? Where is humanity?

So I support women like this. Elected or not, I will fight for them; because they are humans beings. Daughters, mothers, sisters. If YOU have been or will be effected by these issues there is always help and love available.

Please please love each other more.

This form is NOT now nor never in my name.


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