Letter to Tory MSPs – The Abhorrent Rape Clause

Dear Conservative Regional MSPs,

I am writing to you not just as an elected member for Wishaw but as a member of the public who has grave concerns over the repugnant rape clause which has come into our welfare system.

I have never been raped, nor the victim of domestic abuse but I have met many women in my area who have been. Women who have been the victims of the most horrific crimes. Women who are verbal about such crimes, but I’ve also met many women who are unable to talk about the crimes committed against them, as to recount them would be just too harmful.

Many Tory policies have had a horrific impact on some of my constituents. Cuts to disability benefits are meaning some of the most vulnerable people I’ve ever met are now having to decide between eating or heating, it’s like we are living in cruel Victorian times. However, this new rape clause in order to ascertain how any third plus children were conceived is utterly shameful. If women cannot discuss abuse in order to get emotional support, why on earth does your party think they can discuss it for a paltry amount of money to support their children? What about the women who are in relationships and don’t even realise that they are indeed being abused?

Someone once asked me “why shouldn’t benefits for irresponsible people be tested?” And my response would be this; any child in our society deserves to be looked after by those who can afford it, regardless of how they were conceived. We live in a nation of wealth and it’s our duty to look after ALL of our children, not to be in judgement of them.

The reason I write to you, as female MSPs I’m sure you understand the many issues women face to get through life. So I ask you to tell me what your position is on a policy which could affect so many of the women in Wishaw and the surrounding area. Do you to find it abhorrent? Do you condemn it?

Women and children of our constituencies look to us for support and leadership. I very much hope you join with me in condemning a policy which could bring heartache to some of life’s most fragile women.

Kindest Regards

Rosa Zambonini