Dear Mothers of the LGBTI+ Community in Chechnya, 

I’m writing to you to stand with you in solidarity. All over the world we are reading of the horrific atrocities being committed against your sons. Children which you must have loved since the minute they were born. However, I know some of you are frightened, some of you may want to turn against your own family in order to save face. Reports of honour killings amongst Chechen families may or may not be true, but I as a mother I know this could never be an option. I beg of you, please do not even contemplate such a dark thought.

 I have a daughter who is transgender. I know what it was like to feel shocked, to worry; and to want the world to stand still while my head caught up with my heart. I live in a country where my daughter is loved, supported and, for the most part, accepted. You do not, but we mothers in Scotland and all over the world are supporting you. We are reading every day that your sons are being abducted and that there is maybe even concentration camps being set up. We are horrified and the LGBT community, along with many others, across the world will not rest until our leaders do something.

 Children are the most precious gift we can have but being a mother is very difficult. We sacrifice so much for our children, but when they grow we find it more and more difficult to protect them. The world can be a cruel and sad, and I believe in your country the feeling of homophobia must be terrifying. Our sons and daughters of the LGBT community did not choose to be who they are but they are wonderful and just as worthy as any other human being on the planet. Our children deserve to live in freedom, with peace and to be part of a tolerant society. We must stand together and stand firm against the inhumanity we are facing.

 Many of you may be fighting a fight for your children and we want to help. I hope my letter finds a way to you. To show we are with you. If you need us, we are there. Your fight is ours. Reach out to us and we will be there. I will be writing to Scottish, Russian and Chechen officials to show my outrage; but as a mother of two daughters who are so special, I first wanted to reach out to you.

 Mothers over the globe share a common bond. We all love our children no matter our race, religion, sexuality and we have the most difficult job in the world.

 My heart breaks for you and I cry for you sons and daughters

 Love Always

 Rosa Zambonini


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  1. Are they living in the dark ages?
    Members of the LGBT community have endured years of abuse and intolerance..This is a terrible state off affairs and has shades of Europe in its darkest days.
    The Jnternational community must come together and protest in the strongest possible terms

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