What Did Our Women Hear During The Tory Silence? 

It took almost a week for Ruth Davidson to break her silence on the vile rape clause. This woman has been touted as the most popular politician in Scotland, if not the U.K. She leads a party which claims to stand up for the people of Scotland and yet this week our sisters, wives, mothers and daughters found her to be almost silent. No leadership. No compassion. No hope.

There are women all over Scotland who will be affected by the cap on child tax credits. When did we become a country who’s job it is to judge why a child is here? Don’t be fooled into believing the daily mail style rhetoric that people have multiple kids for “money”. I have two and right now a million pounds wouldn’t convince me to have a third. However, many choose to have multiple kids, but fall on hard times, this happens to the rich and poor alike. Many feel that the love of children is the only real relationship they will ever have. There are millions of reasons why kids are brought into this world, but when they are, there a million more reasons why they should be looked after by those of us who can afford it. It’s not entitlement, it’s just the duty of a caring society. 

The rape clause is the most repulsive piece of legislation I’ve ever seen. Women all over Scotland prayed that the Conservative members in this country would stand strong and put pressure on their counter parts in the south. Their prayers were ignored, no hope was found and they were met with a wall of silence. What did we hear from the Conservatives? Nothing. 

I tweeted asking if there were any Torys willing to stand up and condemn this policy. I didn’t do it in malice but to give an opportunity for members to stand up and to be honest. It got almost 300 retweets and I didn’t get one response. Not one single member was willing to say “I stand with our women and children”. So what did we hear? Yet again, nothing.

I wrote to several list MSPS. No acknowledgement. No response. Nothing.

Eventually statements came out from a spokeswomen and then the leader herself. Ms Davidson claimed to back the policy, and proposed that if the SNP didn’t like it they could mitigate it. Now let’s put this into perspective. The SNP have spent over £400 million countering Tory austerity since 2013. We are desperately trying to close the attainment gap, increase funding to our NHS and improve childcare across our land. What did we hear from the Scottish Conservatives? We will sh*t all over your floor, but you can pay to clean up the mess. 

Annie Wells came out today and released a similar statement which reeked of Tory HQ spin doctors. In a desperate and hypocritical attempt to save some face, what we saw was Ms Wells make excuses and defend a policy which make the lives of women and children in Glasgow (the area which she represents) insufferable. So what did we hear from Ms Wells? We heard that doing what the Tory party tells you is more important than ensuring we never miss a single woman and child out. What we heard was a statement devoid of hope.

Ladies and Gents it’s Easter weekend. My children will have egg hunts, day trips, new clothes and eggs galore. Somewhere in Scotland there may be a woman who is broken and shattered inside. Who has been raped and forced to carry a child which she will have to feed and nurture. Somewhere in Scotland there may be a child who has no eggs, no nice clothes and has never seen anywhere further than the house they live in, or school they attend. Somewhere there are people and what they want to hear is that the politicians they trust are loud. That they shout for the injustice in their lives. They want to hear that they matter to us. They want to know that every child and woman in Scotland will be loved. They want to hear their leaders stand up to their boss, even if that boss is the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

Ruth Davidson and Scottish Torys, your silence has been deafening; and the women and children of Scotland will NEVER forget it. 


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