A Woman’s Right To Lipstick

When Emily Davison stepped in front of the horse at the Epsom Derby on the 4th of June 1913, she did it for all women. If you look at photos of her she wore feathers, she wore hats and she was very glam. She never once said “in order to be equal you have to look a certain way”. Her funeral was paid for and organised by the “WSPU” (women’s social and political union). It was pretty with flowers and the women all dressed beautifuly. 

When I first got into “politics” it was more about seeing my community improve. I was already hooked on makeup tutorials, botox and shoes. I love women and all things girly, and particularly wanted to see things improve for us females. Someone said to me you’re such a feminist. Immediately I was thinking “naw mate cause I’m wearing a bra”. However, very very quickly I realised that I was indeed a feminist and that a feminist could come in all forms; and there is a place for EVERY woman in the movement. What there wasn’t a lot of was tolerance for my sort of “feminism”.

Many men (not all, I know there’s a few good yokes out there) have it ingrained in their head that if a woman is “sexy”, possibly blond, wears makeup and loves an over priced piece of footwear then she must be there for the taking. Pretty but thick? Marilyn Monroe is a classic example of how this is a) myth and b) a tool some women employ to get a head. Marilyn read a book called “The Thinking Body”, she used this scientific book to build a “walk” that would mesmerise men and women alike. She changed her hair, she changed her voice and she changed part of her personality; but underneath it all she was a shrewd woman who knew it would get her a head. She is one of the most famous women to have ever lived.

A woman who billed herself as a “feminist” once told someone not to employ me because of  what she’d heard, how I looked etc. She had never met me, didn’t know me but I’m pretty sure she wasn’t keen on seeing me flourish. GIRLS we must be BETTER. If we want to see others flourish then we must build them up with the bricks that people throw at them. One of my best friends never shaves her arm pits, mine are as baldy as a babies bum. We love each other’s pits!!! It’s called inclusive feminism. Wear yer bra, chuck it in the bin. Let your fake boobs be cradled in la perla or let your wee swingers flow free. None of this matters in the fight for equality. 

It’s what you fight for, not what you look like while you do it, that matters. Take your lipstick and paint the world a million shades of gorgeous. 

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