Ridiculous Labour Electioneering Over SDL March

My local paper and members of the opposition parties have criticised my local MSP Clare Adamson for campaigning when we marched against the SDL. I’ve been very vocal standing up against racism but I can tell you I was delighted that Clare passed a motion to condemn the SDL rally and carried on with her business as usual. By carrying on with her business, campaigning and life she fights in a different way. Who has the monopoly on the best way to stand up for others? Do we shout? Do we stand up? Do we carry on with the day job? All of some or one are equally as effective and the statements by some Labour Party members reek of capitalisation on what was a tough day for our town. All that should be remembered was the hard work of the counter demo organisers and those who were vocal in THEIR OWN WAY!

I wasn’t going to say anything but I walked a long side people from unions, political parties, campaign groups and many more who just wanted to solidarity and what was heard over and over again was the crassness of the Motherwell and Wishaw Labour Party marching with their banner right at the front of the line. Can they carry it? Yes. Did it have to be front and centre? I don’t think so. I was deeply disappointed and approached by memebers of several organisations who asked me why they were doing it. I didn’t say. It wasn’t about Labour or the SNP. However it seems to me that’s what it’s been developed into once again.

Clare Adamson MSP was out knocking doors to win over our councils. She was asking for the public to look at an alternative. As a sitting Councillor no one more than me understands why we need this. I was mortified last week to read that while the Labour group continuously shout and ball about cuts, they are paying execs almost half a million pounds. More than the  Prime Minister.

So my thought is this. Labour get your own house in order before throwing stones. Capitalising on an issue such as the SDL and racism is beyond ridiculous. I will not sit back and watch it. As a lefty. A Councillor, or a resident of Wishaw. 


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