Dear Katie

Dear Katie,

I’m writing to ask you to stop. Just stop. Your beating down of women and using their looks to demean them may get you attention (such as this letter) but what it also does, is unravel years of hard work done by women who realised the only way for us girls to succeed in a mans world is to build each other up.

I’m a different type of feminist, you probably don’t care, but in some ways I’m like you. I say what I think and I have opinions BUT I realise that sometimes you’ve got to wrap it. Today I saw you criticise my First Minister, now firstly you slagged her ginger hair which is inaccurate as she’s kind of a dirty blonde. A nice ashy colour. Her spikes at conference were amazing. Then you tweeted that Mhairi Black should maybe learn to use shampoo. She does use shampoo. Although I think when she or Nicola are speaking out for the abused, the impoverished and the vulnerable; I don’t really think they give a fu*k about the condition of their hair. You see they might have a different opinion from you but they never ever do anything unless they are sure it will go a mile to build others up. Mhairi Black may be young but she has radically changed the face of politics for young people across the country, and I don’t care if she achieved it wearing a Patrick Thistle top. I care that she tried. Not only that she is succeeding. 

Now Katie, you’ve been in the papers for more than your vocal opinions. Your sexual exploits, your weight etc and I thought “you go girl”. If you like a hedge then go get em. Cause that’s what feminism is. It’s saying to others “do what you want because that’s what makes your world turn”. You say jobs should be given on merit, that’s true but equality isn’t pie. It doesn’t run out. There is enough room for everyone. It doesn’t matter if they like ginger hair, shampoo or canoodling in hedges.

Mental health. You’ve had a lot to say about that today. I can tell you this, I would never wish it on anyone and I hope you feel the way you do because you never have to see it break people the way I have.

While you may set feminism back a hundred years, you also hurt people. I believe you have been hurt too. You must have been. So why do you never stop for one second to think, actually that’s rubbish from me… In Scotland we’d say this “gie it a by hen and don’t talk shite”. (You may have seen this demonstrated by Mhairi herself)

So I’m asking from one lippy blond to another, please just leave it alone. You’re harming women, feminism and most of all you’re slagging my pals. Nicola Sturgeon and Mhairi Black are forces of nature and forces for good. Right now I’d like to know what do you want to be a force for? Because it seems the only force you care about is the British main stream media, and let me tell you that’s the one force which is like the dark side. It’s on its road oot! 




4 thoughts on “Dear Katie

  1. Well done Rosa! I personally wouldn’t have been so kind.. I have zero tolerance of ppl who attack others like KH and thinks its ok, just to get ratings,my heart goes out to her children,more so to the ppl’s lifes, she has entered into and tried to destory,she clearly has not one ounce of compassion,empathy for any one or thing. I am also a great believer in Karma and wait for the day,it comes around and kicks her in the ass,wether she is hinging ore a hedge at the time or not.
    She is an absolute embarressment to all woman. x

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