Pencils for Progress

Today on my Facebook memories the passage bellow came up. It was a year ago and yet we did it. We gave every single kid in ward 20 primary schools the tools to learn. So proud….

April 20th 2016

This is long put please read and share. Today I was at the SNP manifesto launch and Nicola Sturgeon made a comment that’s really stuck with me all day. She said a B for some high school kids is kind of like an A for others. For example some kids in Wishaw live in over crowded houses with no quiet study place, they have jobs to support low income parents, some can’t afford equipment and many families can’t afford tutors. I was really keen to hear that universities will have to look at this and take it into account. See the thing is every child is unique, special and completely different. For example verbally my own daughter is insanely smart but we just found out she has severe brain damage which limits her ability to get it down on to paper. So Wee Skye will benefit from this. Then there was talk about the baby box. Every single baby in Scotland will get a box filled with essentials. Every single one. There are also financial changes too but the baby box is a symbol of the value that each baby holds.

Every child in my ward is more than just a number or a pupil in a school. Every child is potential. A potential teacher. A potential doctor who could save your life. A potential first minister. A potential scientist who will cure cancer.

So I’ve thought about it and what can I do for our young people? Labour administration seem to be blocking my uniform bank but I’m going to fight it, but in the mean time I want to start collecting a pencil cases filled with pencils, rubbers and rulers. There are thousands of kids in ward 20 but let’s do this. A Wee token of our support for their learning. That’s one less burden for parents and one Wee pat on the back for our kids, especially those who turn up without any tools to learn. So who can help? Who’s in?? 💛🌈🦄


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