Why the people who make Glasgow deserve more!

Today I went out with my good friend Rhiannon Spear to leaflet in the Greater Pollok area. It was a show of solidarity and recognition that Glasgow, being the biggest local authority in Scotland, but also one of the most let down, deserves more. In a recent statement Councillor Susan Aitken and her team set out a plan to bring Glasgow onto the the platform of cities such as Barcelona, her vision was to take this remarkable city and give it vision, hope – sustainable future.

I’m not from Glasgow but I work there, I shop there, I socialise there. I have memories through my whole life of growing up in that wonderful city. Coming in and out, and falling more in love with it every year. It’s a city of deep history, amazing culture, beautiful architecture and colourful vibrant people. There are huge spots of poverty and areas of wealth. Cultural diversity blossoms from the East to the West; and yet this wonderful city is not given the recognition it deserves. 

When Councillor Aitken set out her plan she was immediately shot down by members of the Labour Party. They accused her of talking Glasgow down; well I accuse them of not having a vision for Glasgow, no boldness for its future.

Glasgow has been for the longest time a Labour strong hold and yet the referendum, General Election and Scottish Election has shown over and over again that the people want change. They no longer want to hear accusations of corrupt deals, chronyism and mismanagement. They want leadership that will tackle the inequality, tackle the poverty and implement change. Third sector organisations are tell me over and over that the council often make it difficult to work with them, we are hearing of those who are meant to self manage their care not being given the options they deserve. This City Council for far too long as looked inwardly and I believe it’s time for the Leadership to change and to look out. The very fact that a woman is leading in the charge shows that times are indeed changing. Women in Glasgow deserve a strong voice. Female Councillors, Convenors and Leadership, women who can work along side great men in taking this city forward. They have my absolute support. 

I may be from North Lanarkshire but if two local governments could be more similar, then I would be shocked. They say that “people make Glasgow” and they do. I couldn’t be more certain of that; but those people deserve the very vision that the Glasgow SNP candidates have set out in their manifesto. Glasgow has so much to offer but boy, is it time to show us how she can really shine. 


One thought on “Why the people who make Glasgow deserve more!

  1. Its true Glasgow deserves so much more and the current Labour administration have failed miserably to deliver even the most basic public services to that fine city
    They say “People Make Glasgow” which is indeed true however with an SNP council the people will make Glasgow even better #council17 #voteSNP


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