What’s so bad about the rape clause?

What’s so bad about the rape clause? My sister works with women and children in the East of Glasgow. Read here insightful views into the rape clause and family cap:
So our lovely Tory friends are showing their human side ? Surely ? Reducing tax credits but allowing a child conceived after a proven sexual assault to be exempted and included . How kind and thoughtful I hear them say .. 

This is a party led by a woman , a party whose second most influential leader is also a woman and yet here they are dragging vulnerable woman into a arena of exposure and anxiety and calling it compassion .. and we thought Donald Trump was a woman hating Neanderthal ? Step aside Mr T our very own Teresa May and co have just knocked the cause of woman kind back a hundred years in one foul swoop . 
So never mind the fact that sexual assault remains the single most unreported crime in the U.K. or indeed the reasons for that . Never mind the fact that those who have a ‘proven’ sexual assault resulting in a child are gutted by the system of police , medical exams , courts and the like and deeply desire to attempt not to live the consequences of such in every day life . Never mind the gut wrenching decision to continue with a Pregnancy that resulted from the most horrifying means of conception possible . Never mind the continual punishment of a victim of a crime forced to expose such to civil servants and admin staff , the humiliation and pain brought to the forefront of their minds REGARDLESS of whether they fill out that box . The words are there , the memory is stirred , the soul once again battered by the thoughts of a life changing act of evil and malice .
But what of the children ? Shouldn’t every child have the right to fairness in life ? Shouldn’t the reason for their conception be secondary to the love that could conquer the worst of things in order to love an innocent ? Shouldn’t we maybe just step back and think how barbaric and backwards we have allowed our country to become in the name of politics and our hatred of those trapped within the welfare state ? 
Now just for a moment imagine you are a healthy , mentally strong , intelligent adult . You have been raised with love and security , you are happy . A mistake ( and history has told us these happen often ) be it administrative , computer based , news exposed or just person documents in a deceased parents home suddenly show just you .. yes YOU were the result of a sexual assault . All that love and care and determination by your mother for you to be more than the sum of your DNA contribution thrown into disarray . 
My heart cannot comprehend the inhuman cruelty that this clause propagates . Personal political affiliation has no bearing here .. this is a opinion based on my sense of humanity and my solidarity with any victim of a sexual assault . No politicking should ever EVER be so arrogant as to drag the most heinous of personal traumas to the forefront as this has done and will do . Never ! 
To those woman who have and will suffer because of this .. your bravery and love in raising your child regardless of their conception is hero worthy . You are my heroes .
To the woman , Teresa, Ruth and co who have led this charge .. hang your heads in shame not only for what you have done to these most vulnerable of victims but for knocking the cause of woman back into its 19th century gutter . Your female political ancestors would weep in grief and disbelief !


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