The Tea Boy and Back Room Deals

I was in my 30’s before I became involved in politics because of the independence referendum.
Since then I’ve been a councillor and worked in the Scottish Parliament.
That’s why what’s happened in North Lanarkshire today isn’t a surprise to me. The Labour Party teaming up with the Tories to control the council should be shocking, but I didn’t expect anything else. 
Today the 23 year old Tory group leader in Lanarkshire was given an important convenorship and thousands of pounds more on her council salary by the labour led administration. By teaming up with the Tories labour in North Lanarkshire have managed to keep power despite winning less seats than the SNP.
The last few years have been a real eye opener for me. The labour leadership has shown that it will do anything to stay in power. The reasons for this go to the heart of something very wrong with our politics. Labour in North Lanarkshire are full of young and relatively young people to whom politics is a job. For many it’s the only job they’ve ever had. They’re in politics, not because they care about public service or care about improving their communities, they’re in politics because they see it as a good job. They went to college and uni to study politics & have wanted to be elected since they were at school!

The Labour councillors in North Lanarkshire are friends with and socialise with their Tory counterparts. They are smart enough to not be in a formal coalition with each other, but make no mistake about it, the Tory leader is getting the best part of ten grand a year to support her mates in the Labour Party. 
Worse than that, a failing leadership who have no experience in leading and who’s party fell apart at the seams, defectors almost weekly) used backstabbing to get a few months as leader and deputy. A deputy which members of his own current group say that he is nothing better than a tea boy. 

Labour will spin this not as a coalition but the deal was done the moment they offered Audit to a Tory. Good luck REDTORYBLUE. I will not be letting this rest with the media, voters of your leadership.

I’m gone from the chamber but not from holding you to account 


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