Please Sir I’m Hungry….

Unison has confirmed on their Facebook page that NLC are planning to abolish the breakfast clubs in North Lanarkshire. Less than a few days after their deal with the Tories their right wing identity seems to be showing in Labour policies.

When I’m at the Scottish Parliament I hear Kezia Dugdale lament over and over about her party tackling poverty and the “failing” Educational system in Scotland. It’s incomprehensible to think a child can learn if they are hungry, to go to school with a sparse breakfast, or worse none at all, will mean children in poverty suffer immeasurably. They will be unable to concentrate, they will be tired, behaviour will suffer and heir ability to learn will be slashed. 

On the NLC website it still has the benefits of a breakfast club and I quote “help children to be alert… able to learn…improve attendance and performance”. This is only part of the breakfast club positivity shared. So this begs the question does the Labour administration and NLC no longer believe this? Or do they want to save money at the cost of our smallest constituents.

Breakfast clubs don’t just help support Children in poverty, it is a safe and supportive environment for working parents to leave children while the make the commute to work. Many parents have to be at work at nine, these people are raising a family, contributing to or economy and in most areas trying to stay afloat. Do you have kids who you drop off before work? Where will they go? What will you do? CHALLENGE THIS

If this vital service to the future generations of North Lanarkshire is indeed abolished, I urge everyone to write, email and call their Labour Party representatives and demand that it’s restored. If it’s lost I will be demanding an explanation form every Labour Councillor, list MSP and their leadership. Don’t bang on to me about Corbyns “socialist manifesto” when you are considering grabbing the food from the mouths of babes. Don’t just say you’re a lefty, let’s see some decenancy from the Labour Party, or is that too much to ask! You would think we are living in Dickensian times where our beautiful children have to beg…… not on my watch…. not in my name. 

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