Corbyn V Scottish Labour

I’ve seen a few posts from SNP members and yes voters asking if it wouldn’t be better for there to be labour MPs representing Scotland down in Westminster. I can understand where they were coming from, Corbyns “momentum” is certainly a promising sight across England. He seems like a decent socialist guy with guts and principles, yes I can see why people would think maybe now is the time to vote Labour, but I think they would be wrong.

It’s no secret that my time at North Lanarkshire Council was temultuous but it’s that turmoil that’s taught me Scottish Labour and Jeremy Corbyn are miles apart. I can’t see Jeremy plotting to ruin the career of a female, lone parent councillor by claiming to hold “nude photos”. (None exist, I’m 35 years old no one wants to see that). However plans such as this are nothing short of harassment and if those photos did exist would be a form of revenge porn. Not very “forward thinking”. Now this is just one example, and you may be thinking “but Rosa how would this reflect on Westminster?” I’ll tell you, these same Labour Councillors have cut backroom deals, across NLC and Scotland, with the Tories with the soul purpose of remaining in power. These moves seem to be either condoned or ignored by Scottish Labour HQ. Yet they want us to believe they will be a strong opposition – it doesn’t add up… not a jot.

There are some very socialist minded politicians within the Scottish Labour Party.  There are a few who I’ve worked with locally who are quality individuals, but sadly too few to ensure Slab are up to the task. Scottish Labour are no good at holding their water and there are always leaks of alleged “dirty tactics”, for example senior MSPS speaking to the media about the private lives of SNP councillors. All “allegedly” of course. None the less there seem to be too many “alleged” incidents for us to believe Scottish Labour are in any fit or proper state to face May and her gang. Scottish Labours, behaviour, attitude towards a working partnership with the Torys and their dismissal of working with the SNP to form progressive partnerships,  show that they couldn’t be further from the left hand side of Corbyn if they tried.

I could go on about the SNP MPs and how good they are but I don’t have to, people can check out their record in their own time. Many of the manifesto promises from Corbyn have been happening in Scotland for years. So I don’t think we need these so called Labour MPs to fight austerity. I also worry about the several votes in Westminster where Corbyn refused to vote with the SNP to take down horrific Tory austerity policies…… where was the momentum then? 

I’m no political commentator, I’m not an analyst, I often just say what I think but on this I believe that while Corbyn has woken up to the challenges we face in taking out the cruel Tory government, Kezia Dugdale and Scottish Labour are miles from being there with him. If Jeremy is so sure of his “anti austerity” manifesto then I look forward to seeing them vote with SNP MPs to achieve it…. 

If you live in North Lanarkshire and you are still swithering, think of the likes of Paul Kelly, Jim Logue and their crew who only weeks after being elected suggested they get rid of all breakfast clubs; and compare them to the man that is Jeremy Corbyn. They aren’t the same. I’m sorry but they just aren’t. 

One thought on “Corbyn V Scottish Labour

  1. Rosa: the argument that it makes sense to elect Labour MPs from Scotland to somehow help Corbyn in WM is flawed on its face, yet it is the desperate gambit of SLab to try and turn SNP votes.

    First, there is near certainty the SNP MPs would back a Corbyn government at the start. In spite of the rhetoric, I have never heard any SNP member say they want a Tory government in WM. If SNP MPs did not support a Corbyn government, there would be a Scottish reason why. This is vanishingly unlikely, but if it happened it would be for cause.

    Second, on all issues important to Scots, the SNP MPs would vote the Scottish interest. Where that aligned with Corbyn’s Labour, there would be agreement. But, Scots Labour MPs wouldn’t be able to vote against Labour even if it was against Scottish interests to vote with them.

    It’s clear that if you want Corbyn government AND Scottish advocacy in WM, only the SNP can offer it.

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