The Language of Yes

I’ve been thinking about this post for a while and since the General Election I think it’s something we all have to think about. As a passionate yesser I, like everyone else, have been called a Nat or worse; however more than anything I want to see that magical 45% increase and we absolutely won’t get there without No voters.

To increase any number you have to add to it, and while I agree that there are many No voters will never be swayed, there are many fragile No voters who could be. There are so few undecided voters that it means we have to target those soft No voters with gentle, researched and good discussion. Calling people “nawbags” and “yoons” is never ever going to bring them to a positive side of debate. Our language of discussion has to be welcoming. It’s difficult and tough when people are not behaving the way you’d like, but sometimes the end justifys the means. It’s almost a “be the bigger person menatality”.

I’m aware a lot of Yes voters might not be happy with this but we have to look closer at how we increase the number 45 and the GE result should be the kick up the bum to do that. 

If you want people to feel comfortable in your home then you put out a “welcome” mat. It’s time we start questioning what our language and actions say to those on the edge of Yes. Even more than that however we absolutely do NOT want to lose YES voters because they feel like the environment is anything other than positive…. 


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