Can Christian Politicians Love the Gays? 

I was brought up by a Church of Scotland Minister. My dad the Rev JZ. A man of integrity, of love and of courage. We were taught love comes before everything, love, forgiveness and no judgment.

In the bible there are loads of verses which guide us on how to live. Not to gossip, not to talk ill of others, not to steal, not to be envious, not to swear etc etc. For me the bible was written when times were different and it was written by men who interpreted Gods word. The bible tells us to live our lives in ways to protect us BUT more than anything it tells us to love unconditionally. Love love love. The bible also tells us to take the plank out of our own eye before we start picking out the splinter from the eye of others. 

Is it a sin? Is it not? I actually think God has more to worry about and to be honest I really do not care what anyone does. God also told women not to cut their hair according to the bible, but I’m pretty sure God would rather I have short hair helping my community than a selfish midden with hair down to my bum! I don’t see it as a sin. I don’t. Maybe it’s because I have a transgender child and I know it wasn’t a choice, a decision but it’s the way she is. She is loved unconditionally and guess what she has more faith in Jesus and God than many “straight” christians I know.

For me the question for politicians should be this? Do you care about me regardless of my “sins” or “flaws” and will you love me enough to represent me when I need you the most? That’s the bottom line, and if they can’t then for me, they can’t represent everyone as a politician.

God shows EVERYONE incredible grace. He asks us to love each other with NO exceptions. Our lives are our own. We should really do unto others as we would have them do, even if you aren’t a Christian; because if you treat others that way then you won’t go wrong.

I love the LGBTI community not because of Charlie but because they are made by God and he knew who they were before they were even born, and the God I know makes everyone perfect in his sight! 


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