Iconic Award

Everyone has something to say about my life, often painful and hurtful things; but I guess that’s public life. However very recently something lovely happened to me. I was given an award for being a “straight ally” to the LGBTI community. The First Minister and Glasgow Provost were in my category but I won, a wee single mammy from Wishaw. I really do love this award but in some ways it’s odd, because really I’ve only been awarded for doing the right thing. My mum and dad have always taught us that if we are able, you do what you can for those around you who need a little extra love. I wasn’t able to make an acceptance speech as I was poorly but I still think it would be nice to say some thanks.

To my three Ks, three “sisters” Caz, Claire and Alison, and Conor who are never done texting me, for keeping my eyes on reality and for reminding me of who I really am. Thank you. To Amo who is my can’t live with, can’t without pal; I know you always have my back no matter what separates us. Thank you. To Jordan Daly and Liam Stevenson who always inspire me to do more for LGBTI young people, you are the epitome of change. Thank you. James Dornan MSP, my boss, my rock and my friend. Thank you. My pals across politics and beyond for always saying nice things on the twitter and fighting with trolls on my behalf. Thank you. Rhiannon V Who is the spark that makes me want to fight harder. Thank you. To my mum and dad who are sellotape that keeps my heart together when so many of my dreams and hopes shatter. Thank you. Pete and the three Gordon’s who love me and the girls and never fail to make us laugh. Thank you. To the LGBTI community who have allowed me to stand and fight in your name. Thank you.

Finally I’d like to thank my beautiful girls Skye and Charlie. They are courageous, kind and frankly the most beautiful souls to have walked this planet. Both with unique challenges and both not without struggles; and yet both so willing to allow me to use their struggles to reach others. Thank you. I’m not gay, I was born in the right body and I have a lovely life; but it is the duty of all of us to stand up for those who are unable to do it themselves. I beg of the straight community ask questions. Challenge homophobia and transphobia. Ask for your children to be educated in LGBTI issues. Be the change this world so desperately needs. If you are a man or woman, boy or girl, who is currently living in a secret, if you are scared to be yourself and you don’t know what the future holds because of your gender or sexuality then this award is for you. It’s to remind you that you are not alone and we are fighting to make this world less frightening. This award is for those who cannot be themselves 🌈


Trans Shopping Sagas

So tonight Charlie (my trans daughter) and  I went out and  we were glammed up women. We had a contoured checks, we had a highlighter which shone from the Gods and our winged liner was so sharp it could have been classified as a dangerous weapon. Off we went into the brave old world of East Kilbride…… 

There are two types of people on a trans shopping trip, there are the people who say “hen” overly much in order for Charlie to know that they are FULLY behind her fierce woman look. Then there are the people who do everything and anything not to catch Charlie’s eye. I’m quite sure for them getting caught means they will have caused offence, or really for some they just don’t want to see “it”. However, she’s there and she’s fierce and she smashing life. We tend not dwell on these negative  people but we tend to dwell on the “good”; like the boy in Newlook who told Charlie the more she grows into her looks the more stunning she will be. Or Margaret in “HnM” who told us her excellent tips for wrapping up her body to hide her jiggly bits when she and her man are in spain; Margaret thinks “they tehniques may be a life saver for Charlie. Cause you know yeah canny have her willie showing aff if she’s still goat it”. Her honesty and warmth made us lol and laugh till our tummys hurt. 

My Charlie is brave, everyone knows that but it’s hard going out as a girl before transmeds start. While looking quite manly facially; You need ask for girls shoes in size 9, and people ask if you’re going to a fancy dress party? You need to brace yourself for every ned (after they’re 200 yards away) shouting “poof”. Although it doesn’t always go that way, you also know that it can. So trans women are the super heros of shopping. These women are confident, glam and so gorgeous because they don’t care what people think; why? because they know what it took with for them to even be a woman….. 

You go girls and us shopaholics will carry your bags!